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Breastfeeding: natural and healthy

Breastfeeding babies is the best and most natural way of feeding your baby during the first months of their life. However, the sucking of the baby has impact on the skin of the nipple often resulting in cracks of the tissue. This may even lead to infection.

When the nipple is affected, the pleasant experience of breastfeeding often becomes extremely bothersome and painful for the mother. This is often reason enough to stop breastfeeding.

Preventing and treating breastfeeding discomforts

Multi-Mam products prevent and treat discomforts that occur before and during breastfeeding through total nipple care. The products do not have to be removed prior to breastfeeding.

Educational videos on breastfeeding by an expert

Multi-Mam recently recorded educational videos on breastfeeding with lactation expert Sharon Trotter. Sharon shares her experiences and gives answers to questions many breastfeeding mothers have. Furthermore, on this website there will be info specials available on the topics discussed by Sharon in the videos.